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ID Kicker for RFID

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Easy integration of RFID cards and Web server application

ID Kicker is a middleware for utilizing contactless card readers. Place a card on a reader, your web browser automatically starts and connects to a Web site with the ID as a parameter to the application.

ID Kicker Configuration

ID Kicker Advantages

ID Kicker Applications

ID Kicker can support any Web server application that is launched by card's ID as a start parameter.

It is possible to run application in standalone mode if you install Web application server such as Tomcat on the same PC to which a card reader is attached.

A Word about NFC, PC/SC, Mifare and Felica

One of the important functions of ID cards or tags is they provide a unique number (serial number embedded by the manufactuer) for distinguishing it from other cards. Unique IDs allow us to develop variety of applications that are impossible without ID cards.

Kobu.Com recommends Mifare marketed by NXP (a Philips subsidiary) as well as SONY's Felica. Mifare cards and tags are used world wide and have been shipped ten times more than Felica which is popular in East Asia (Japan's Suica or Edy cards and Hong Kong's Metro cards). One of Mifare advantages is cost due to many suppliers and plenty of supply (1K memory card is US$1.00 or less).

In these years, standardization efforts progressed in two areas; radio communication between an RFID tag and reader, and API interface between a reader and application. The NFC (Near Field Communication) is a standard for RFID radio communication; an NFC-compliant reader can read any card or tag from the three major RFID manufacturers, NXP, Motorola and SONY.

PC/SC (Personal Computer/Smart Card) is originally a standard API for contact card readers. Recently many contactless card readers support PC/SC. PC/SC has been supported in Windows for a long time. PC/SC can also be used in other platforms such as Mac OS and Linux too in these days. I expect we can use a single application with a single reader under different platforms with different types of cards not in a far future.

Contact Kobu.Com if you are interested in RFID and Web server application integration. We are ready to assist you in consultation and development.

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Updated: 2012 Sep 2