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Markdown-to-HTML Conversion Web Site in Docker Container

Kobu.Com created a Docker container of a web site that dynamically converts Markdown to HTML. The Dockerfile and the source code are published thorugh github. Ready-built docker images are on Docker hub.

Kobu.Com is willing to help you build authoring and publishing environment based on Markdown and Apache. It can also help you wrap a web site or web app in a Docker container. Please contact us.


Docker is a container style execution environment that packages all the necessary files to run an application. A container can accomodate an entire web site or web service. Therefore you don't have to do setup work such as Apache configuration.

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There exists a service to host a Docker container alone such as Amazon AWS and Googe GCP.

Filter for Local, Handler for Remote

I tested two methods for Markdown rendering on Apache:

The filter version is simple and suitable if you can freely manage the host machine where you run the docker container.

The handler version may be required if the web resources including Markdown source resides in another place than the docker host. This also applies a case you want to place your Markdown source files on a public cloud service such as Amazon or Google or other file storage services.


You can get files for building a Docker container from GitHub.

If you are interested, take the github project and build and run the image as described in in the project.

You can get a pre-built Docker image from the Docker Hub.

Written 2020-Sep-14 filter version
Updated 2020-Sep-21 handler version