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Database Hosting

If you want to use the Database Hosting Service:


The rest of this page describes how the database hosting is implemented. It is technical; you don't have to read it if you are just going to use the database hosting.

Live Data Embedder

The core part of the database hosting service is a set of perl scripts developed by Kobu.Com. It is called Live Data Embedder (or just Embedder). A source page is written in Markdown with simple marking syntax. When a web request comes, current data from a database table is dynamically embedded to the output web page.

Markdown Embedder Embedded Page Database Data Table Inline SVG not supported by your browser

Tools and Running Environment

The following tools are used to build database hosting.

Web browser Page request apache2 Embedder Markdown Pandoc HTML Marked source Webdav Folder Inline SVG not supported by your browser

Source Code

The source code of the first stable version of Embedder is published on github. See README for detail (how to run, embedder syntax and its architecture).


Written 2020-Jul-17
Published 2020-Aug-23