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What Kobu.Com Does

Welcome to Kobu.Com, a technology and documentation company.

Kobu.Com is good at text processing (search, modification and format conversion) especially when a large amount of documents are batch-processed. Last year Kobu.Com developed a web authoring technology based on Markdown and Apache for writing and publishing articles, and entering and viewing data.

What's New

[2021-Feb-12] BioSeq Utilities

Bio-sequence decode utilities published on github!

The Perl scripts can be used to decode biological sequences such as nucleotides in the novel coronavirus RNA and amino acids of its spike protein.

Bioinformatics requires skills in information processing as well as expertise in medicine and biology. If you are working in medicine and biology and not very confident in computing, we are ready to help you. Please feel free to contact us.

[2020-Oct-24] Markdown Hosting

Markdown Hosting is now Open!

The hosting service can host Markdown-written static pages and dynamic database-driven pages as well as normal web pages and images.

Let Me Try

If you are interested, click the above link and register to the service.

Samples and Prototypes

Link Description Date
Docker for Markdown Docker container of a web site that dynamically converts Markdown to HTML 2020-Sep-14
Markdown Authoring Multi-language Markdown authoring with Apache-only web site 2020-Aug-31
Markdown LiveData Embedding live data dynamically in Markdown page 2020-Aug-23
Apache Ticket Experimental implementation of short-time password based on Apache HTTP Basic authentication 2020-Jul-10
Virtual Hosting Dynamically configured virtual hosting in Apache 2020-May-03

Products and Services

Link Description Date
MDHosting - Register now! Markdown hosting service 2020 Oct
ble-for-iot REST API gateway to Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) devices 2019 Oct

Technologies and Products Developed in the Past

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