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Dynamically Configured Virtual Hosting in Apache

I tried some methods to avoid writing VirtualHost's as many as the number of domains in Apache web server called "dynamically configured virtual hosting":

See Virtual Hosting.

In a Corona-quarantine time, we are searching a job that can be done remotely. We accept order of network infrastructure or site construction jobs. Planning to make things work via mail or chat, or phone or video as possible. Please contact.

Multi-Language Authoring with Apache-only Web Site

New tools are published on github.
You can write multi-language passages in a single Markdown or other text-based source file.

See here.

Wireless Development with Single Chip

Kobu.Com can help develop embedded software for an IoT edge devices with WiFi or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio. It can also help prototype device hardware. Help for selection of an SOC module, sensors and actuators also available.

Target devices are a Linux-embedded box and single-chip wireless device, such as:


In addition, Kobu.Com is currently developing a gateway that enables a web app to access BLE devices from the Internet or local LAN.

See here.

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